Accounting Information System Manager

Posted on Sep 25

Location: Boston, MA
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4168450

The Accounting Information System Manager is responsible for ensuring that the accounting, finance, and reporting functions of the Global Accounting Team are well-served by Yardi and other systems utilized. The AIS Manager must have a proven track record of successful systems integration, a broad knowledge of accounting systems, specific working knowledge of Yardi and an advanced proficiency in Microsoft Excel (working knowledge of SQL is also a benefit). 

Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Yardi system, ensuring its proper use, and providing support to its users. This person must possess and/or develop a strong understanding of the Yardi platform (including Yardi Voyager Investment Management, VoyagerPlus, InvestorPlus, and their associated modules) to be able to both maintain its current operation, and to lead the finance and operations teams on further development and implementation. The AIS Manager will be responsible for all internal/strategic Yardi initiatives, including training, documentation, and envisioning improvements to use of the system. The AIS Manager will also provide leadership for non-Yardi processes and assist all businesses of the company in developing and maintaining systems related efficiency goals. Must have the desire to be an active part of a growing organization with eagerness to work alongside key staff. 

Key Responsibilities:
1.    Maintain and ensure integrity of Yardi platform, including:
•    Systematic review, update, and adaptation of Yardi accounting and financial functions, including Cascade Rules, Income Allocation, Calculator Analytics, Task Runner, etc.
•    Guidance to all staff on system best practices, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all funds
•    Systematic review of Yardi data elements and upkeep of database features (such as menus, dashboards)
•    Serve as main point of contact for all third-party service providers using Data Aggregation Services (DAS)
2.    Execute periodic Yardi functions, including:
•    Assistance with Yardi processes in monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting procedures
•    Import and manipulation of data provided by third parties, including financial, non-financial, and land data elements
•    Structural design and setup for new Funds in Yardi, as required
3.    Support staff use of Yardi platform, including:
•    Training of new and existing staff in use of all Yardi-related functions
•    User controls and access in alignment with accounting and audit internal control policies
•    Trouble-shoot issues and questions as they arise, and implement viable solutions
•    Create and maintain internal user guides 
4.    Lead key Yardi-related projects, including:
•    Implementation of Yardi Workflows function to improve efficiency and internal controls
•    Reporting on Yardi data, including use of Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting (YSR) function
•    Training of third-party data providers on the use of Data Aggregation Services (DAS) platform, including both financial and non-financial data
5.    Lead relationship with Yardi corporate, including:
•    Working relationship with Yardi client service representatives on technical support and implementation matters
•    Optimization of billing and licensing alongside the finance team
6.    Manage and track processes for the Global Accounting Team to ensure completion and consistency. 
7.    Support COO, CFO and Controller in design and implementation of process improvements utilizing existing IT systems and Excel with the goal of increasing capacity of existing team. For example, optimizing data collection and presentation, use technology to streamline ad-hoc and regular investor reporting

Minimum Requirements:
a)    Equivalent education level:    Bachelor’s in accounting, finance, or related field. Training in Accounting Information Systems (AIS) preferred. 

b)    Experience:    Minimum five years of accounting and AIS experience. Good organizational and communication skills, process and detail oriented with ability to multi-task and work as a team. Proven initiative in planning and implementation of IT projects.

c)    Knowledge:    Experience with accounting information system required, Yardi experience is preferred; System Administrator-level understanding of Yardi is a strong plus.  Understanding of U.S. GAAP and IFRS accounting standards, highly proficient in Excel, and general problem-solving mentality are crucial.  Knowledge of SQL programming is beneficial. 

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